Why the wrong diaper may be keeping you (and baby) up at night

Think about it. Your baby’s diaper has a BIG job to do every night. And when diaper fails? Poo-splosions, leaky onesies, and rashy butts win. 

So how do you look for the perfect bedtime diaper…one that’ll keep baby (and you) comfy, calm, and sleeping all through the night? 

4 things to look for:

#1: Stronger absorbency materials.

Not all diaper brands are created equal (with high quality ingredients)! Kudos use a premium super absorbent polymer material in each diaper’s core. This core can absorb more than 20 times its weight in liquid and hold it in. So that midnight “assault” (industry speak for pee and poo) doesn’t bother anybody. Zzz. 

#2: Two ADLs instead of one.

The all-important diaper Acquisition Distribution Layer (ADL) funnels moisture away from baby’s butt and into the premium super absorbent polymer core (described above). 

💡An underperforming ADL = moisture gathering in one part of the diaper (like the front) causing leaks. 

💡A quality ADL = equal moisture distribution so you don’t see leaks at all. 

Kudos is actually the only disposable diaper on the market with two ADLs instead of one so that baby gets nighttime protection…and you get sleep!

#3: Non-irritating (cotton if possible!) diaper liners.

Parents know diaper rash and eczema are sleep killers. So, look for diapers with liners (part touching baby’s sensitive bum) that are: 

💡Free from irritants like lotions, fragrances, phthalates, chlorine, and parabens. 


💡Made of 100% cotton!

Kudos are the first and only disposable diapers with 100% soft cotton liners instead of irritating plastic. Cotton consists of short, twisted fibers that allow for maximum breathability, making it the #1 doctor-recommended material for rash and eczema!

#4: A larger diaper size.

Honestly, this applies to any diaper. Using one diaper size during the day and one size larger at night might work wonders for you because:

💡The bigger the diaper, the more absorbency material it has.

💡Babies are a lot less active at night, so you don’t have to worry as much about fit and leaking out.

Just make sure to pull the diaper up high, secure the tabs (which can hang outside the landing zone) tight, and then catch some sleep.

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Hi, we're Kudos! The first and only disposable diaper to have earned the Cotton Natural seal from Cotton Inc. for having 100% clean cotton hugging baby's bum all day.

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